Bubba (Adopted)

Meet Bubba! He is a Grey Tabby MaleMaine Coon Mix and is (approximately) 9 years old. He has been adopted!

Bubba is a gorgeous, spoiled brat. He loves adults and older kids but is not a fan of small kids (under 10). He’s great with dogs but does not like other cats or kittens. He is super sweet, to humans, will chatter at things he sees outside the window, and he loves a scratching post. He will lay on the couch with you and he loves to snuggle. He loves to sleep with people and he has been known to snuggle with our dogs. His only issue is he is very jealous of other cats and he will urinate outside of the litter box if he gets his nose out of joint. We have had him checked by the vet and he has no urinary tract infections or blockages and all medical issues have been ruled out. This is a behavioral thing. He does not want to share a litter box with any other cats. He would be the perfect cat for someone that has tons of time to spend with him. He is an attention seeker, but not to the point of being needy. A retired person or someone that works from home would be ideal for this boy. He is a long haired cat and will require regular brushing to keep his coat mat free. Other than that. he is a low maintenance kitty. He is a HUGE love bug. Bubba is fully vetted and has been neutered since he was a young kitten. He will be updated on vaccine boosters before he goes to a new home.

Bubba's Bio

Feline Breed:
Maine Coon Mix
Date of Birth:
April 7, 2012
9 years (approximately)
Spayed or Neutered:
10.5 pounds
Grey Tabby
Current Location:

Bubba's Traits

House Trained
Amount Of Shedding
Child Friendly
Easy To Train
Prefers (owner gender)
Men or Women
Energy Level
Tendency To Scratch Furniture

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