Dani (Adopted)

Meet Dani! She is a White with brown tabby spots FemaleDomestic Medium Hair and is (approximately) 2 years 11 months old. She has been adopted!

I had this sick girl brought to me at 1:00 (07/15) today. Emaciated, dehydrated, URI and flea covered. She’s being given sub Q fluids, syringe fed A/D wet food with Fortiflora, has been cleaned of fleas and has had eye meds twice today and oral antibiotics once so far. Poor thing would not have survived another day. She’s nothing but skin and bones. She has a mouth full of teeth so I’m guessing she is 6-8 weeks old but is the size of a 4 week old.
I promised Tim I was done taking things in for a while…I guess that was a lie. But even he said, “Oh my gosh you have to do something for that poor thing!” So she’s here now. There was nothing to this girl and she was so depleted I was unsure if she would even make it overnight. Not only did she survive, she began to thrive. She is doing amazingly well, she is steadily gaining weight, the antibiotics, eye drops and eye ointment have cleared up the URI. She is eating on her own like a little trooper both wet and dry food. She has been dewormed once so far, but amazingly, she has made an abrupt about-face. This girl will purr up a storm when you pick her up and she just started playing with small toys in the last 2 days. She looks and feels so much better, but she still has a way to go. She had a mouth full of teeth when she came to me, so we estimated she was 6-7 weeks old, but she was the size of a 4-week old kitten. She needs to catch up before we start her shots, and is nowhere near ready to go yet.
Updated Photo 10/6/2018, Dani has had 2 FVRCP and will be spayed, combo tested and get her rabies vaccine within the next 2-3 weeks once she reaches 3 pounds.
Dani is ready to go to her new home! She has finalized all her vetting and she has grown into the softest, most beautiful, loving kitten anywhere. She is sweet as the day is long and loves to snuggle and play~


Dani's Bio

Feline Breed:
Domestic Medium Hair
Date of Birth:
May 20, 2018
2 years 11 months (approximately)
Spayed or Neutered:
3.5 pounds
White with brown tabby spots
Current Location:

Dani's Traits

House Trained
Amount Of Shedding
Child Friendly
Easy To Train
Prefers (owner gender)
Men or Women
Energy Level
Tendency To Scratch Furniture

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