Meet Paulie! He is a Brown Tabby MaleDomestic Medium Hair and is (approximately) 1 year 11 months old. He is located at the Purry Paws Rescue, Inc., Lexington, SC.

Paulie is a very small, kitty. He looks much larger than he really is, but it is all hair! He is super floofy and his tail is going to be huge! My bet is it will be the largest part of him once he is full grown. Paulie has beautiful tabby markings. This boy is a very old soul in the body of a young cat. He prefers to watch all the other kittens play, he likes to stay away from all the insanity of the other kittens. He prefers a belly rub and head bonks and slow blinks to the person he is with. He is the cage mate of Ms. Jingles, and he does just fine with her, or any of the other animals, for that matter, he just prefers to be one-on-one with them and not out at the same time the rest of the kittens are out. The hubbub is too much for him. He loves to lay on your lap or to be held but his favorite is a gentle belly rub, for which he will trade you sandpaper kisses and purrs. He is not the most outgoing and will sit back and watch, but it doesn’t mean he isn’t an absolute love bug and purr box. Quite the contrary.

Paulie's Bio

Feline Breed:
Domestic Medium Hair
Date of Birth:
May 4, 2019
1 year 11 months (approximately)
Spayed or Neutered:
4.8 pounds
Brown Tabby
Current Location:
Available at Purry Paws Rescue, Inc., Lexington, SC
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Paulie's Traits

House Trained
Amount Of Shedding
Child Friendly
Easy To Train
Prefers (owner gender)
Men or Women
Energy Level
Tendency To Scratch Furniture

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