Sadie (Adopted)

Meet Sadie! She is a Golden FemaleYellow Lab and is (approximately) 6 years 11 months old. She has been adopted!

Sadie came to us in April of 2017. She was 35 pounds underweight and she had 5 pups with her and to top that off, she was Heartworm positive. It took us several months but we got all her pups vetted and adopted out and got Sadie to put on some weight. We could not start her Heartworm treatment until we got her to her proper weight. Sadie has been being treated since August of 2017 and we are still treating her using the slow kill method. She is due for another heartworm SNAP test in June. She has been fully vaccinated and spayed, all she needs is a negative Heartworm test and she is ready to go.

She was abused by the man that had her and because of that, she is slow to warm up to men. It took 4 months before my husband could even touch her and now she loves him. Being a yellow lab, she is a chewer and will tear up any toy she gets, with the exception of her rubber duckie. She loves that thing and carries it everywhere. She will sit and fetch it, and that toy will go with her. She is great on a leash and listens well. She is very sweet and absolutely will cower if she thinks you are going to yell at her or scold her. We have never hit her, but you can totally tell she has been beaten in the past. A home check will be necessary to make sure premises are secure. She has never once tried to get out of our yard or fence. She isn’t a digger but will require a large fenced in yard to run and play in.

Sadie's Bio

Canine Breed:
Yellow Lab
Date of Birth:
May 3, 2014
6 years 11 months (approximately)
Spayed or Neutered:
54 pounds
Current Location:

Sadie's Traits

House Trained
Amount Of Shedding
Child Friendly
Easy To Train
Prefers (owner gender)
Energy Level
Adapted To Apartment Living
Drooling Potential
Tendency To Bark Or Howl

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