Meet Tansy! She is a Brown Tabby FemaleDomestic Short Hair and is (approximately) 3 years 10 months old. She is located at the Purry Paws Rescue, Inc., Lexington, SC.

Tansy was found in a dumpster at a bar on Lake Murray. She was skin and bones and flea infested, scrounging for food. We took her to the vet as soon as she arrived because it was evident she was sickly. She had a horrible upper respiratory infection which we finally got cleared up, but she was also diagnosed with mycoplasma due to all the fleas she had when we got her. After months of medications, Tansy was able to be spayed and has finished her vetting. Due to the severity of her URI, she now has a permanent whistle when she exhales. Her chest x-rays are completely clear, but the whistle remains. It doesn’t affect her playing or any of her daily activities. She eats fine, uses the litterbox and plays like a normal kitten of her age should, she just has a whistle when she exhales. All of her vet records and x-rays will go with her, but she is ready to go to her new home. She has been given a clean bill of health from our vet. This girl is as sweet as can be, but because she was in quarantine for so long due to illness, she is slow to warm up to kids as she just was not around them as a kitten. She is fine with our 3 dogs, but they mostly ignore the cats here. She will need to go to a home where her play time is monitored and she is not grossly overstimulated.
UPDATE October 2018
Tansy has completed all of her vetting. She has seen multiple vets, multiple times for the “whistle” she has, they all say the same thing, she is not sick but the only thing left to do is have her sinus cavity scoped to find out the severity of the blockage or the possibility of polyps she may have. Whatever it is, it does not affect her quality of life. She is very loving and affectionate, she does play, but she is not rowdy at all. She is fine with other cats, and dogs, but she is not a real fan of small kids. They are just too busy for her. Older kids are fine as long as they do not chase her, she is really not a fan of that. The whistle is only prominent when she purrs. We are hoping she may outgrow it.
She is still looking for a family to call her very own.

Tansy's Bio

Feline Breed:
Domestic Short Hair
Date of Birth:
May 30, 2017
3 years 10 months (approximately)
Spayed or Neutered:
5.9 pounds
Brown Tabby
Current Location:
Available at Purry Paws Rescue, Inc., Lexington, SC
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Tansy's Traits

House Trained
Amount Of Shedding
Child Friendly
Easy To Train
Prefers (owner gender)
Men or Women
Energy Level
Tendency To Scratch Furniture

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