People are always calling me and asking for instructions, hints and tips on taking care of newborn (neonatal) kittens.
This is one of the best articles I can find.

Other than this article, one tip I can share with you is how to keep them warm until they can regulate their own body temperature which is usually about 3 weeks of age:
I put all my newborn kittens in a very thick kitty bed. I keep that bed inside a wire dog crate to prevent them from getting loose or lost or injured by another, older kitten. I keep the crate covered with a king-size electric blanket that I keep on medium-high heat 24/7. I keep the crate wrapped as tight as I can, that way the heat radiates INTO the crate. You don’t have to worry about it getting too hot or ever burning a kitten.
For any kitten that has a body temp below 96 degrees F, I add “warmies” underneath the bed so the kitten never comes into direct contact with the heat source. Warmies are cheap and easy to make. Fill an old tube sock with plain, dry, white rice, tie a knot in the open end. Microwave the “warmie” on high for 2 minutes, wrap it in a thick towel and place UNDER the bed. The kitten should NEVER be placed directly on the warmies. The warmies heat will last for about 2 to 4 hours. I reach into the cage and check it about once per hour. I have several warmies that I will re-heat and rotate when they are no longer hot.
The feeding instructions in the article I linked are spot on. NEVER feed a kitten on it’s back. Never feed a cold kitten.
Please follow all the instructions and good luck with your babies~