This wee gal was found near a trailer park on Smith Pond Rd. in Lexington on August 14th. She was covered in fleas, snot and diarrhea. I snatched her up and brought her home. I wasn’t about to leave her there to die. She is emmaciated and dehydrated. I bathed her 3X to get all the fleas off (2nd photo on the left was after the 2nd bath) put Terramycin in both eyes, She was given Clavamox for the horrid URI she has and she now has dewormer on board. I’m going to let her settle down and then start SubQ fluids. She did well, only bit the crap out of me twice. She’s weak, but not too weak to bite! Yay me. Another sick kitten I have no room for and can’t afford. 3rd photo is after the 3rd bath. She is a mess. 


08/17 UPDATE:
she has done a complete “about Face”! This little girl is eating everything in sight, Wet or dry, she doesn’t care, she will eat it. She finally broke out with coccidia, so we are also treating her for that. She will stay on antibiotics for at least until the 24th, possibly longer, but we have to treat this URI aggressively. She looks so much better today and it’s only been 3 full days of food, fluids, and meds. Her face and eyes are much better. I washed what was left of all the crusty gunk on her face, and as suspected, much of the hair came off with it. It will all grow back.

08/25 UPDATE:
Foo Ling got her last dose of Clavamox his morning. Her eyes are clear and bright, no more traces of URI. She is doing fantastic, learning how to play with toys and eating like crazy! She is still getting wet food with Fortiflora on it, but she has graduated from A/D to regular wet kitten pate’. More photos to come. She is one tough cookie!