How to Adopt

Adoption is a lifetime commitment. Not your life…

The adoption process works the same for everyone. You fill out the application online and submit it. We review it and call references, and once approved, we call you or send an email. We then schedule a time for you to come out and meet all the kittens. This meeting may be at our rescue or at an event. Many times people see a specific kitten online, and sometimes they even take it home. But most times, the cat(s) or kitten(s) pick the person. The kitten you might like online may or may not be the kitten that picks you.

We want to take time with every family and be absolutely sure that the cat or kitten you decide to adopt is indeed the right one for your home, family, energy and activity level. If the animal is in the right home, it can be a huge blessing to every family member.