We took in Kinglsey late on Saturday, July 7th. He was brought to us by someone that trapped him in their yard. He went right to my fosters house and she cleaned him up and put him in a crate. She just wanted him to settle in for the night before she began deworming and flea treatments and all the normal stuff we do for kittens upon intake.
The following morning she realized he was crying and the only thing that soothed him was being held. Every time she put him down, he started crying again, at times, he was inconsolable.
On Monday my foster called me and we talked about his crying. It’s not uncommon for a “singleton” to cry, but this sounded to be a bit more than just a “lonely cry”. I told her to check him over good and make sure there was nothing wrong with him, and to put a stuffed animal in the crate with him. I got a call about an hour later saying he was not using his right front leg and that she thought his paw might be injured.
I drove to her house immediately to check him out. I discovered he was non-weight bearing on his right front leg, and I really felt like his leg might be broken.
Over the next 2 days, we made calls, tried to get a Vet to see him and take X-rays. Meanwhile, he was being kept quiet and on pain meds until we could get things straightened out. Being a small rescue, we had to be careful about expenses, so we made sure to get him seen by a Vet that could help refer us to a surgeon that could fix him if that’s what needed to happen. Sure enough, his leg was broken, a lovely oblique fracture of the right humerus. He had two options, amputation or repair, and we explored both options. Sure, amputation (alone) was cheaper, (from one Vet) and yes, tripods do fine, BUT, this is a healthy 8-week old kitten with a clean break. Repairing it should be relatively straightforward.

We were referred to CVETS in Columbia, but being that they were an Emergency and specialty clinic, I could hear the cash register dinging a mile away. I made several calls, forwarded Xrays and got prices. They ranged from ridiculous to insane, but it is what it is. No surgical procedures are cheap, ever.
We decided on CVETS after speaking to the Vet there. He made me feel at ease and that the repair would be relatively easy but that they would have to plate the break because of where it was. We discussed other options, but I still feel, as did the Vet, this was the right way to go. He is such a young kitten and he should heal very fast and his prognosis is great.
We dropped him off for surgery today and he will have his surgery early in the morning. We have, to date, raised $535.00 for this surgery, but more is needed. We were required to pay $1500.00 today when we dropped him off and that is cutting things right to the bone. I know $2000.00 is a lot of money, but if a doctor gave you a choice of amputating your right arm at the shoulder OR setting the break with a plate, you get to keep your arm but it might cost a bit more, what would you do? This is a healthy kitten aside from a broken limb, so we paid the $1500.00 up front and they are willing to work with us on the balance.

We desperately need help paying this bill. You can donate to us directly HERE or you can call CVETS and donate to them directly, just tell them it is for Kingsley from Purry Paws Rescue, they will know who he is and who we are. Please give any amount you can for this boy to live a normal life.

CVETS, Columbia Veterinary Emergency Trauma & Specialty
Address1321 Oakcrest Dr, Columbia, SC 29223
Phone(803) 995-8913
UPDATE 07/16/18:
PPR raised another $190.00 in donations via PayPal tonight. We are close to $750.00 now. Thank you all for your donations. It is because of you that we can save kittens like Kinglsey.
UPDATE: 07/17/18:
We spoke with the clinic this morning, Kingsley is being prepped for surgery right now. We are very excited to get this boy the medical attention he needs!
UPDATE 07/18/18:
Kingsley came through surgery like a little champ! The Vet called me this morning and told he his leg was still a bit swollen, but he looked great and he could be picked up this afternoon. I arrived at CVETS at 2:30, got to speak to Dr. Mike, and then they brought him out. He looked pretty pathetic, but overall, he looked great. I got him home, got him settled in with wet food, dry food, water and he got his first dose of Clavamox. Here are some photos and a short video.

So that everything is in full disclosure, I am also showing the bill from CVETS as well as the list of donations we received and what we paid out for Kingsley. The more transparent, the better, I say. Below is the Screenshot of our “internal accounting” for Kingsley
Updated accounting for Kingsley as of July 29th


Here is the bill, it is TWO pages.
Page 1                                                     Page 2

You can see the total bill was $1593.37, we paid $1500.00 up front which left $93.37 to be paid. $60.00 was paid to CVETS in a direct donation which then left a balance of $33.37. When I went to check out today, they said that we were paid in FULL and that I owed no additional funds!

We raised a TOTAL of $975.00 of a $1678.00 Vet bills (CVETS plus $118.00 for Xrays) leaving Purry Paws to cover the balance of $703.00. I can NEVER thank you all enough.

I have had some people make some nasty comments about why I elected to spend the money to save his leg VS amputate it, which is “much cheaper”. “Why would I spend that money on one kitten when it could help so many more?”
In fact, it was NOT much cheaper. I got quotes from 2 other places for both repair and amputation. The first place, I am not a fan of, told us it could not be repaired surgically ($900.00 repair) with any certainty that it would heal right and would not have to be amputated later, for an additional fee of course, and he recommended amputation ($800.00 but The 2 surgeries together would have been $1700.00), and to be honest, I don’t trust this guy for either surgery.
Second place said they would refer me for repair, but an amputation would be $1600.00. So we literally got this repair done for LESS than an amputation would have cost. I am just fine with all of it. We now have a kitten that will be WHOLE and NORMAL in 4 weeks or so. He is so young, I just hated to see him lose a leg when it cost the same to fix it.

As an aside, I would recommend CVETS to anyone. The staff was super friendly and helpful, Dr. Mike was fantastic! He took time to speak with me on the phone several times as well as when I was in the clinic. He treated me like a person, not a wallet. He genuinely cared about Kingsley and what would work best for him and our rescue.

UPDATE: 07/26/18
Kingsley had his first post-op recheck at CVETS today. Dr. Mike was very pleased with his progress, the incisions around the pins looked great and he is starting to put some weight on the foot. Kingsley did it for the first time yesterday. He gave us 2 more weeks worth of antibiotics and scheduled another recheck with X-rays in 2 weeks. Once they see the new Xrays they will decide if they will start cutting pins or not. Dr. Mike feels there is no nerve damage as Kingsley has feeling in the paw now. He and I were both very happy about the progress Kingsly has made.

UPDATE: 07/29/18
Kingsley is really coming along nicely. He is getting a bit stir-crazy, so I am letting him out of his crate, by himself, for just a very few short minutes. He wants to run and do silly things, but I only want to let him stretch his legs a bit, then he goes right back in. I know this video starts out dark, but it gets better, I promise.