Cats are very smart. They are smarter than many people I’ve met in fact.

We train our cats here with a spray bottle with water in it to not scratch woodwork and furniture. We crate train them all, they have food, water, litter boxes and bedding in their crates and at 6:30 every night, we train them to go into their “beds” by feeding them a small bit of Fancy Feast Gravy Lover’s Chicken in a bowl. inside their crates. We have also had a bunch of kittens that would play fetch with balls. Actually fetch the ball when it’s thrown and bring it back to us to throw it again.

The cats have also trained us in many aspects. Because we scoop boxes multiple times per day, if we miss scooping a box, they will tell us. Our cats and kittens do not like a dirty box. They will let you know too and sometimes they will do it in an inappropriate way…using the bathroom outside of the box. If that happens, your kitten is telling you something, just listen to it and pay attention.