If you do not want your new kitten scratching up your furniture or woodwork, yes!

Here the cats and kittens have access to sisal, cardboard, and cloth scratching posts. They are taught to use them all and they also have access to both large and small cat condos. We correct them using a squirt bottle with water if they attempt to scratch furniture or woodwork. By the time you adopt a kitten, it knows what a squirt bottle is and generally if you show them the squirt bottle, they will stop whatever they are doing. My favorite scratching posts are from Chewy.com and you can see it here. I have four of these posts in various places in our home and the cats love them. My oldest one is 3 years old and still looks good. When one side gets ratty, I just turn it. It has 4 sides and you can rotate it when one side gets trashed. The simple fact is, if you give a cat what it needs, it won’t tear your stuff up. We have anywhere from 20-45 cats in this house at any one time and my furniture still looks new and it’s 5 years old. They simply do not touch it, they have other surfaces they like better.