Generally no. We have a “no declaw” clause in our adoption contract and we will assess you with a fine of $1000.00 if we discover you declawed our animal. Declawing is antiquated and barbaric and should only be done as an absolute last resort. If you give a cat or kitten what it needs, scratching posts and condos, they will leave your furniture alone. If you are not willing to provide the cat what it needs, you should not adopt a cat. Get a dog or a stuffed animal. Declawing is an amputation of the first knuckle of the cat and it can cause aggression issues, litter box avoidance issues not to mention it is terribly painful and if the surgery is botched, the cat suffers the rest of its life.

That being said, if there is a medical reason documented by your Vet and you contact us to let us know what the situation is, we will make an exception to this rule. It must be documented by your Vet and we must be notified prior to the surgery being performed. If we are not, the fine can still be levied against you. If you need more information regarding this, please contact our office.