Our Story

I’ve been working with animals since WWI, I was a wee tot when I started dragging animals home to my mother…

OK, so maybe not that long, but I know for sure it started in the early 70’s when I would bring home orphaned wood duck chicks from Birchard Park down the street from where I grew up.

I was forever bringing home something, ducks, chipmunks, a mouse or two, an unwanted bunny or a kitten. That kitten later went to my Aunt Rosie and Uncle Dick. That cat was so spoiled there. He lived to the ripe old age of 22 or so, had the run of the house, and I loved Buffy. I was heartbroken when my Mother made me give him away because he was climbing her curtains. At least he went to a great home where he was loved, spoiled and doted upon. Yep, my roots in critter rescue run deep.

I have always lived in a house with dogs, or cats or some sort of animal. I could never imagine my life without a house full of four-legged love bugs, species is pretty much irrelevant, I love them all. Ok birds, not-so-much, but I have had several. It’s a definite no to arachnids. I am not a spider girl or bug girl of any kind for that matter. Lizards are fine, but snakes aren’t my favorite, and I would never take one in, but I would help rehome it. I’ve even rehomed a few sugar gliders and a prairie dog. Yes, a prairie dog named Zippy and that gal was a mess. She was a real learning curve for me, but I took her in, learned all I could about them, we made her a very specific enclosure, kept her for several months and found her a wonderful home with a family that had just lost their 8-year-old prairie dog, so they were all set up for her. Crazy, I know, but we made it work.

When I met and later married my second husband Tim, he came with two cats, Sara and Samantha. I knew he was the man for me. He used to drive around with huge bags of food and styrofoam bowls in his trunk. If he was out somewhere and saw stray cats or dogs, he would stop and put a bowl of food and water out for them. Yes indeed, we were meant for each other. If it were not for Tim’s love of animals, there is no way I could do rescue work. No man would put up with the crazy amount of time I spend rescuing animals. They would never allow the house to have two, and sometimes four rooms of the house being full of cages of kittens and cats.

I will always rescue in some capacity. I can’t look at a sick, starving or injured animal begging for help and look away. It just isn’t in me. I will do what I can, where I can. That is just a fact. I was put on this earth to help animals. It took me a long time to realize what my true calling was, but now that I know, I can never go back.

Every single animal on this planet deserves a happy home where it can be loved and cared for. I can’t save them all, but for the ones I can save, It will make all the difference in the world to that animal. I will die knowing I left this planet a better place than I found it.