This little girl came to me 1:00 PM Sunday, July 15th. She had been dumped at one of the colonies I TNR’d months ago. The same colony where we found two litters, 7 kittens total, also dumped. Yes, I took all of those kittens as well.

Above: Dani the day I got her. She had already been cleaned up in this photo.

This girl is emaciated, I mean nothing but skin and bones with fur covering it. She has a horrible upper respiratory infection, both her eyes were matted shut, she was flea infested and severely dehydrated. As soon as I saw her, I scooped her up, brought her into the house and got busy cleaning her up. I had to bathe her and get all the feces and urine as well as the umpteen hundred fleas off her, get her face washed and her eyes cleaned out. I got her dried with the hair dryer and warmed up and set about gathering medicine for her. Antibiotic drops and ointment for eyes, the oral antibiotic for the nasty URI, food for her depleted body and Fortiflora to help boost her weeny immune system and lastly the fluids her little body needed so badly.
I had to syringe feed her as well as give her Sub Q fluids, she was absolutely the most dehydrated little thing I have ever seen. I really did not expect her to live through the night, but if she did die, she would leave this earth knowing someone cared about her and that she mattered.
I gave her 10 ml of fluids every hour, I syringe fed her between 4-6 ml of A/D wet food with Fortiflora every hour. I had drops and ointment in both her eyes, she was clean and warm in a soft bed in quarantine. She was terrified and confused but understood I was there to help her. She gave me very little protest despite having a weak hiss every time I would pick her up. After 3 or 4 feedings, she stopped hissing, I’m sure she knew it wasn’t scaring me or making me stop, so she decided to save her energy for more important things like healing.

The last time I checked on her was about 10 PM and I made sure she ate, had a bowl with wet food and plenty of fresh water in her bowl. I seriously thought it would be the last time I saw her alive. I checked on her every 1-2 hours all night long, I could not sleep knowing she was in that crate alone. Every time I checked, she had eaten more food out of the bowl. She stayed wrapped in the blanket I put her in at 10 PM and she never moved all night. When I got up at 6:30, I was dreading going in to check on her…I just knew she passed in the night.
Not only was she NOT dead, but she had eaten almost every bit of the food I left for her at 10, which was about 1/4 can of A/D wet food covered in Fortiflora. I was delighted! I got her up, gave her all her medications and loved on her for about 15 minutes and snapped a quick picture or two. She got fresh food and water and she dove right into the little bowl and began eating on her own.

Dani Day 2. These were taken after I got her up and gave her meds.
I only gave her Sub Q fluids when I got her up, but she continued to improve throughout the day and I gave her no more fluids all day long. I continue to check on her every hour while I was up running around, but we will be going to bed soon. Hopefully, I get to sleep more than an hour tonight and she continues to improve.

Dani has steadily improved daily. Every time I checked on her she was eating more, looking better and acting like she was on the way to getting back to being a kitten
Dani Day 1                                                                       Dani Day   3                                                                                                                               
Dani Day 4                                                                    Dani Day 9
The improvements she made between days 4 and 9 were substantial! She has doubled her weight, the URI is gone, her eyes are clear and bright and she is starting to explore her surroundings. She is finally acting like a kitten!

Dani Day 12
July 29, 2014. It is now Day 14. She finished her antibiotics on Day 10, she has been dewormed and this little girl has made a complete turn-around! Here is what she looks like today. The difference is amazing.